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Before I do my night run, I want to share my fastfood fail story, four days ago, at McDonald’s Tomas Morato. 

It was my first meal at around 8 in the evening, since I was from duty and woke up around one in the afternoon. I ordered spaghetti and crispy chicken sandwich a la carte. I ate the sandwich first. The chicken was alright but the bread seemed old. It was hard, as if it was already reheated, then served. I let it pass. I then opened the box of spaghetti. To my surprise, the pasta didn’t even fill the space with probably just a tablespoon of sauce. I finished my meal. I didn’t return it for fear the replacement would be worse. I mean, they might spit on it or mix the sauce using their hands, hahaha. 

I called the attention of the manager and complained to him about the food, politely ha. He simply said, he would tell the kitchen and left. I wasn’t even mad. But the thing that bothered me is that he didn’t do anything about it. A free apple pie or a a hot fudge sundae could’ve at least made the experience less annoying. Come on, you’re one of the biggest fastfood chains and you do nothing about substandard food quality.

So before I left, I tried to get the manager’s name. Pantakot lang. I have better things to do and wouldn’t really report him to their main office. I asked the guard first but he wouldn’t give me. I went to the counter and briefly told one of the food attendants why I’d like to get the manager’s name. She referred me back to the manager. I told him, I was the guy he spoke to earlier, I’m getting his name, and said that I’m a doctor and if something happens to me because of their food, I will hold him liable, since he didn’t do anything about it. I saw the fear on his face, a little bit of shaking while he pointed to his name plate. I left and grinned, one point, hahaha. 

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