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Last year, I also had a countdown. It was for the remaining days of clinical clerkship/ med school. I feel that I was more creative then thinking of how to present numbers, compared to just taking selfies this time. It’s throwback time, enjoy! 😁

Anonymous asked:
Do you have a girlfriend? Are you dating someone exclusively? Good luck on the boards btw!

None, hehehe. I’m working on myself first, upping my sale value, hahaha! That sounds bad! 😆 Thanks! 😁

Anonymous asked:
Hi po Kuya Robby, kantahan mo naman kami ulit mga fans mo

Hahaha! 😊 Soon, soon. Any requests? 😉

Anonymous asked:
Robby! Pahingi ng picture! Lol

Okay. Hahaha! 😆 Padala ko sa’yo by snailmail. 📨

Anonymous asked:
Yung song na all of me ni john legend, pwedeng malaman kung para kanino sya?

Para sa’yo, yihee 😁 Kinilig ka? 😊

Anonymous asked:
Kamusta ka nung bagyong glenda?

Oks naman, brown out lang problema, pero tiis tiis, have to study. 😀